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Comfortable Running Shoes for Patients with Flat Feet.

BROOKS BEAST (For Men)This is a incredibly stable shoe for runners who overpronate or have a hypermobile flat feet. The shoe is a bit heavier than most due to the added stability features that offer stronger support. It’s stiff sole helps to protect the foot from the injury of repetitive trauma and is excellent for… Read More »

Heel Pain and Podiatrist Recommended Shoes.

Plantar Fasciitis.What can I say? In podiatry school, our professors told us that most of our future practices would be dedicated to helping patients who suffer with plantar fasciitis and that we would be treating heel pain every day of our careers. If I didn’t believe it then, after ten years in private practice (and a… Read More »

Podiatrist Recommended: Top Five Walking Shoes.

Dr. McCarthy’s Top Picks for Walking Shoes…  FIFTH PLACE: THE SKETCHER SHAPE-UP: The Sketcher Shape-Up I love the Sketcher Shape-Up! As the fifth shoe on my list, I am going to be brutally frank and tell you why I like this shoe – when I have patients who desperately need the MBT but can’t afford… Read More »

Comfortable Walking Shoe

KURU WALKING SHOE…The Company Claims: “World’s Most Anatomical Active Footwear”I was contacted by the Kuru Company and asked if I was interested in reviewing their women’s walking shoe and they sent me the Women’s Insight Walking Shoe (Not the one pictured above but very similar) which I have been wearing for the past several weeks. This is… Read More »

Comfortable Women’s Shoe – The Alegria.

THE ALEGRIA CLASSICTHE ALEGRIA PALOMAThe Alegria shoe is amazingly comfortable!Both shoes feature a wonderfully supportive and rigid sole that has a  cushioned insole and decent arch support. The wide toebox  allows for a roomy, comfortable forefoot area that takes pressure off of bunions, hammertoes and painful corns. This shoe is exceptional for any patients who… Read More »

Comfortable Hiking Boots – Podiatrist Recommended

My husband, who is an avid hiker, has been raving about the “Arizona Hiking Shack” for several years. He has been after me to stop in but, to be honest, I was always a little intimidated because it looks like a serious “guy-ish” hiking place and I was a little shy, which — was stupid! I… Read More »

Comfortable Dress Shoes – what to look for…

A general overview of what you’re looking for in a comfortable dress shoe… 1. You need a thick rigid sole to limit motion across the forefoot and midfoot. 2. Depending on your foot type, you can wear heels – the trick is to wear a wedge heel so that there is no motion across the bottom of the foot. If you have a condition called Hallux… Read More »

Sock Monkeys…

Okay, this is way off the beaten track from discussing shoes but one of our very talented patients, Angie Eshelman, hand crafts these adorable Sock Monkeys and I had to share it with you…Enjoy Hawaiian Shirt Sock Monkeys  Polka Sock Monkey Poodle Skirt Sock Monkeys School-Girl Sock Monkey Elvis & Priscilla Sock Monkeys  I hope that… Read More »