Comfortable Running Shoes for Patients with Flat Feet.

By | April 16, 2019


This is a incredibly stable shoe for runners who overpronate or have a hypermobile flat feet. The shoe is a bit heavier than most due to the added stability features that offer stronger support. It’s stiff sole helps to protect the foot from the injury of repetitive trauma and is excellent for heavy runners with flatfeet who need extra support. This running shoe offers maximum biomechanical control for the foot and ankle.

Recommended for Runners who have:
*Hypermobility of the Joints (too much motion)
*Collapsing Arches
*Over Pronation / Flat Feet
*Ligament Laxity
*Heavy Runners! 

**Whenever I have a pediatric patient with severe flatfeet, hypermobility or collapsing arches that are causing pain, I recommend this shoe with firm arch support (a Custom-Molded Orthotic or over-the-counter insert). I occasionally have to also put the patient into an ankle brace to create even more biomechanical control. The Brooks Beast is not just for heavy runners – it’s great for any patient with excess motion and severe flat feet. 


The Brook’s Ariel is the Women’s running shoe version of the Brook’s Beast. It’s an excellent running shoe that offers maximal biomechanical control and is slightly softer and more pliable than the Brooks Beast.  

**I highly recommend wearing these running shoes with either a  Custom-Molded Orthotics or an over-the-counter insert. Proper arch support with help prevent tendonitis, mechanical strain and help with proper alignment of the knees, hips and lower back.  

** This shoe is very strong! It is not for everyone. If it’s not comfortable or it is causing any problems – than it is not the proper running shoe for you. The acid test is how it feels on you!!

Hope all is well,
Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy

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