Comfortable Women’s Dress Shoes – Dansko.

By | April 15, 2019
Comfortable Women’s Dress Shoes…
Dansko Bett
 Dansko Reeny
More comfortable Dansko shoes! 
It’s hard to go wrong with Dansko and these two shoes are no exception. 
Both have a thick, rigid sole which allows for maximum biomechanical control of the foot structures 
(Joints, Muscles, Tendons, and Ligaments) 
and therefore allows for 
more protection and comfort. 

Both shoes also offer a wide toebox, 
excellent rearfoot control and a strap for midfoot control. The combination of the rigid sole and these three thing also allows for more biomechanical control and therefore more comfort and protection of the foot, ankle as well as the knees, hips and lower back.

Dansko shoes typically do not accommodate any arch support whether it is over-the-counter or custom-molded but that is usually not an issue because there is adequate arch support built into the shoe. 

Patients sometimes have trouble with proper fitting if they are half sizes and, 
if this is the case with you, I recommend trying the shoes on in a store. 
It is also a heavier shoe than some other brands, which works well for people who are on their feet on hard surfaces for long hours but this can be a problem for patients who are elderly, have muscle weakness or have a history of some neurological problems such as “drop foot”.
In general, Dansko shoes offer hard-core biomechanical control but…
they are not for everyone! 
If you work on concrete floors and your feet hurt, give Dansko shoes a try. 
If you continue to have foot or ankle pain even with good shoes, 
I recommend that you follow up 
with a Podiatrist for 
a proper evaluation including x-rays
as you may be walking around on a stress fracture or some other problem that can be treated successfully doing some simple things.

These Shoes are Recommended for Patients with:
*Mild Bunions
*Mild Hammertoes
*Mild Tailor’s Bunions
*Mild Morton’s Neuromas
*Mild Metatarsalgia
*Mild Halluc Limitus (Limited Range of Motion across the 1st Toe Joint) 
*Mild Tendonitis
*Mild Achilles Tendonitis
*Mild Plantar Fasciitis (Heel Pain)
*Mild Osteoarthritis
*Mild Plantar Plate Injuries (of the Forefoot Joints) 
*Mild Forefoot Joint Capsulitis

These Shoes are NOT Recommended For Patients with:
*Peripheral Arterial Disease (Poor Circulation)
*Neuropathy (Nerve Damage)
*Drop Foot 
*Charcot Foot
*History of Foot Ulcerations 
*Excessive Swelling
*Hallux Rigidus (No Motion across the 1st Toe Joint)
*Moderate to Severe Hallux Limitus (Limited Range of Motion across the 1st Toe Joint) 
*Moderate to Severe Bunions
*Moderate to Severe Hammertoes
*Moderate to Severe Tailor’s Bunions 
*Severe Morton’s Neuroma’s 
*Severe Degenerative Joint Disease or Rheumatoid Arthritis across any of the Forefoot Joints
I hope all is well!
Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy 


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