Doggers for Kids – Great Deal at CVS…

By | April 15, 2019

This is a great option for kids. They are a knock-off of Crocs and can be found at most CVS Pharmacy’s for $7.99.
I recommend that you get your kids into the habit of wearing Crocs or Doggers around the house (like a house slipper) for added protection to their feet. They are much better than barefoot, flip-flops or wearing socks. They will help prevent everything from Warts, Foreign Bodies like cactus or splinters, broken toes, and many other injuries. As a parent, it will add to your bottom line in savings in medical bills and hopefully save some trips to Urgent Care.

Crocs are awesome but if you need a less expensive alternative (although they can sometimes be found at a great price!) – Doggers are the ticket! 

Hope all is well,
Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy 


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