Indian Stamping Nail Art

Wanted to try some different combi and did this.  Didnt turn out as I expected.  Base: OPI Dating a Royal Stamping Plate: Moyou Arabesque 06 Stampingpolish: MDU Neon yellow and Neon green Topped with Hkgirl So I stamped in the middle two fingers with Mdu neon yellow and it didnt show up well so I… Read More »

Advanced stamping Nail art : Roses

These are the longest nails i’ve had in quite a while. I wanted to do a decal mani before I had to trim them a bit. Love this length but I constantly worry about breaking them or hurting kiddo. So I made some stamping decals for this.  Base: Dance Legend Scout Stamping polish: MDU Pastel… Read More »

A-Maze Nail Art

MilvArt decals are awesomely good if you wanna do a quick mani without much fuss.  And their designs are really pretty! Base: Chambor White Gel effect 510 Milv Art water decal N604 (not available right now; link) topped with hkgirl I’ve earlier done a review of milv decals here (link). But there were a few… Read More »

Festive Indian Nail Art

So I missed blogging as I was taking a trip to Paris 😁  So I’ll try and start posting a bit regularly again. Meanwhile here’s a mani I had done around Diwali (indian festival of lights) and It really went well with the festive atmosphere. Base: Picture Polish Lakodom Stamping Plate: Moyou Flower Power 10… Read More »

Christmas Nail Art

Christmas is here! The year has flown by soooo fast! Did this mani for a kiddie christmas party and it turned out better than I expected as it was all done in a hurry. I think once you get the christmassy colours on nails, it just goes well with the season. Base: Chambor 510 (white),… Read More »

Vintage Floral Nail Art

This one turned out quite nice. I had seen a swatch of Masura Mint Milk and it stuck to my head. Kind of broke my no-buy and got it coz it wouldnt get out of my head.  Its a very delicate looking scattered holo in mint shade with blue undertones. Its similar to salt water… Read More »

Floral Nail Art

Its too hot here! Couldnt think of anything else but bright cheery florals. Like waaaay bright. Base: Chambor Gel finish 410 (white) Stamping plate: Fun 16  Stamping polish: MDU black Filled in using stain glass colours from fevicryl All topped with hkgirl

Polka Dot Nail Art

Hello! long break huh? if you guys are still reading blogs then welcome back. Although at this point writing a nail art blog seems pointless as instagram pretty much covers what I put up on this blog but I’d still like to write it as my nail art diary. And also the fact that instagram… Read More »

Monotone Nail Art

Feels good to get back to doing some nails! Today is the second prompt for the #back2nails challenge for ILL (follow me on Insta if you dont already @nailartnthings ) For today’s monotone challenge I’ve gone with my favourite colour Purple 💜 Base: Models own Pitch Purple Stamping plate: Pueen Visual Wonderland 01 Stamping polish… Read More »