Podiatry Recommended Dansko Sandal for Narrow Feet…

By | April 15, 2019
Dansko Dani Carmel 
A Great Sandal for Women with Narrow Feet…
This is a wonderful sandal for those of you that have narrow feet. I have been recommended Dansko shoes for years and the Dansko Clog is the shoe that helped me to survive the long hours on my feet during my residency. 
What makes the Dansko brand great is the thick rigid sole that is protective of the foot. 
If you are recovering from a recent foot injury and making the transition into normal shoegear – 
this is a great sandal to help you ease into summer sandals. The forefoot, midfoot and rearfoot strapping helps create more biomechanical control for more comfort, less chance of injury and less mechanical strain.

This Sandal is Recommended for Patients with:
*Hallux Limitus/Rigidus (limited range of motion of the 1st toe joint)
*Rhuematoid Arthritis
*Morton’s Neuroma
*Heel Pain (plantar Fasciitis)
*History of Lisfranc Joint (MTJ) Injuries
*Tailor’s Bunions 
This Sandal is NOT Recommended for Patients with:
*Neuropathy (Nerve Damage)
*Peripheral Arterial Disease
*History of Foot Ulcerations 
*Charcot Foot
*Foot Drop
**Please remember that you are the acid test for whether or not the shoe works for you. You should not have to “break in” shoes. If this shoe is not comfortable – it’s not for you!
Hope this has been helpful!

Dr. Cathleen A. McCarthy 


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